Dedication in honor of
Bette S. Meyers

Bette (Bina Rivka) Meyers (nee Stauber) Born on 18 Sivan, 5711 (June 22, 1951), she spent her early childhood in Maine and New York, moving at age nine with her family to Pasadena, California. Seeking a more substantial Jewish community, her family soon moved to the Los Angeles area. She attended a local high school, followed by college at UC Berkeley, with a year in the Land of Israel. After college, she attended law school and married Herb Meyers; soon after, in 1978, she became in-house counsel for Chabad of California, and in that position helped Chabad rabbis throughout California. In 1992, she "retired" to take care of her six children.

Torah Dedication
Events of the Day

12:00 Noon - At the Meyers house we will write the final letters of the Torah.
With great Simcha we will celebrate with music, drinks, lechaims and delicacies. In addition, there will be a kids program with Rabbi Teleshevsky including: Jr. Scribe, Make a flag, and Torah sand art. There are dedication opportunities during this time as well.
1:45 - Torah Procession to Westwood Kehilla
2:15 - Hakafos & Suedat Mitzvah

Dedication Opportunities

The mitzvah to write a Torah scroll is the last of the 613 commandments. One can fulfill this mitzvah by writing a scroll oneself, or by commissioning the writing of a scroll. Torah scrolls are typically commissioned by individuals to memorialize or honor loved ones. The finished Torah scroll is used during prayer services in a synagogue or other sanctuary, such as that of a yeshiva, rabbinical college, university campus, nursing home, military base, or other institution. The Torah scroll is taken out and read from four times a week - on Shabbat morning, Shabbat afternoon, and Monday and Thursday mornings - as well on Yom Tov, Rosh Chodesh, and Jewish fast days.

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